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Pursuant to the plan of demonstrations in the culture of citrus, on September 1, 2015, in collaboration with Prof.Dr. Shpend Shahini, lecturer at AUT, AAC-Lushnja is establishing three demonstration sites for “Monitoring of Citrus Mediterranean Fly (Ceratitis capitata). Three farms demonstration of 1 ha each were set up in collaboration with the farmers: Esat Bakullati in Konispol, Hristo Cerro in Bufi hills in Xarra and Hysen Kakaci in Vrine.
The aim of this demonstration is on: “Improved techniques on plant protection from pests and specifically from Mediterranean fly, that make possible the production of citrus fruits with high quality and low cost by minimizing or avoiding the use of pesticides in the framework of food safety, as a permanent application of EU standards. ”
Applying the technique of mass capture represents the best method to achieve a high quality product and at the same time protect the environment from pesticide pollution.

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