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Berat district is well known for its climate adaptation of the native table olives ” Kokerrmadh i Beratit “. Bilshe and Drobonik olive groves count over 150,000 olive trees and regularly ensure the main supply to the domestic market of table olives.
USAID/Albania, through its program SAVS implemented by AAC-Lushnja, has supported the olive growers of Drobonik to increase their skills on technical issues of integrated olive protection (IPM). The farmers of these areas have been also trained on the benefits of keeping the farmer book on costs calculation. The training aims to increase the capacity of the farmers toward the way to agriculture formalization and applications for agriculture subventions.
The farmers of this area apply hand harvesting of olive fruits and with simple grading machinery they enable fast sharing of fruits in several classes by degree of ripeness/color, fruit size and damages.

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