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October is the harvest and processing month of the olive “Kokerrmadh i Beratit”.
Following to the promotion of producers and processors of this product, on October 23, 2015, AAC-Lushnja specialist stopped in Otllak, Berat, at Cuedari company owned by Desdemona and Kastriot Cuedari.
They process the olive “Kokerrmadh i Beratit”, collected by olive groves in Lapardha, Perondi and Bilshe. The company produces several varieties of olives like cut, and printed with and without core, and filled, producs that are regularly found not only in the area markets, but also in restaurants of Tirana, Durres and in many other cities of the country. With the exports of its products in Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro, Cuedari is aligned among the biggest olive processing companies in Albania.
The company implements good hygiene practices making fruit mechanized selection in several classes by degree of ripeness / color, fruit size, damages, etc. They also make use of a special processing machinery before salting.
USAID/Albania has supported the company through its program SAVS implemented by AAC-Lushnja, in their participation in several regional fairs in Berat, Saranda, Tirana, etc.

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